Week 9

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5/23/20243 min read

Update 1 05/21/2024

Due to time constraints, I decided to use Maya to create static hair for the girl character. However, I encountered several issues that took a significant amount of time to resolve. One major issue was that the wrap deformer was not functioning correctly, causing the guides to fly off from the scalp. I resolved this by binding the scalp to the neck joint and copying the skin weights from the body to the scalp.

After resolving this, another problem arose: the XGen hair was only visible in the Render View and not in the viewport, making it inconvenient to see the results while adjusting the modifiers. To solve this issue, I baked the animated character into an Alembic file and reimported it into the scene, which made the hair visible. XGen is such a sensitive tool, so fingers crossed there won't be any other issues before the deadline.

I created two separate descriptions for the eyelashes: one for the upper lashes and one for the lower lashes.

This allows for different clump and noise settings, giving each set of lashes a distinct look.

Update 2 05/22/2024

When the character move, the guide fly away.

Update 3 05/23/2024

Groomed the eyebrows and refined the upper/down eyelashes.

Groomed the eyebrows and refined the upper/down eyelashes.I do a test of wrap deformer to make sure the groom will follow the character. However, I noticed the body disappear in render view. Here is the solution, select the deformed model > delete history > Attribute Editor> under the shape tab > Arnold > Visibility > check Primary Visibility (which is normally on by default, but for some reason deformer wrap turns it off...), also check the orignal one value, to make sure both are the same.

Now, the groom follows properly and the body is visible.

Update 4 05/24/2024

Main Hair work in progress. Still need to tweak the main hair shape.

Update 5 05/25/2024

Today, I completed the hair grooming. I used multiple clumps, noise, and coil modifiers to achieve a realistic look. For the hair shading, I utilized ramp and noise nodes to introduce slight color variations to the black hair. This effect simulates the red-brown coloration that occurs when black hair is damaged and overexposed to the sun.