Week 7

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5/7/20243 min read

Update 1 05/06/2024

Create the swing dress geometry with low and high poly. I utilized Marvelous Designer to generate the base mesh. Since I plan to simulate the cloth in Houdini, I aimed to keep the cloth relatively smooth with minimal wrinkles to ensure a smooth simulation process by importing a cone mesh to lift the dress up.

Issue encounter: Curve tool comes out as segmented with straight lines.

Solved: The character size is too small, should be real human size.

Update 2 05/07/2024

After completing the basic dress design in Marvelous Designer, my next step is to export both the 2D and 3D arrangement layouts as OBJ files. I import the 2D UV layout into Zbrush to establish quad topology, then transfer it to Maya for further topology adjustments to ensure consistency in edge counts between adjacent areas. Utilizing the transfer attribute function, I apply the quad topology to the 3D models. After smoothing and baking the original high-resolution mesh onto the low-poly version, I address any discrepancies in UV shell density by rearranging and copying UV tiles, particularly when dealing with Marvelous Designer's varied shell densities.

MD 3D mesh Transfer low quad topo Refine UV tiles High poly with a thickness testure test

Update 3 05/08/2024

Start working on grooming in Houdini.

To configure Alembic file settings for Houdini, ensure that the wireframe of the mesh is visible and selectable.

Update 4 05/11/2024

I extracted the scalp geometry and added more subdivisions to allow for finer detail when painting the attribute. Initially, the scalp was too small, and I realized that to create a medium-long hairstyle, I needed additional faces on the mesh. This prevents the guides from bunching up at the tail end when I comb them by using drawcurve node.

Next, I begin by placing the guides. Initially, I planned to use the Guide Process node to groom all the hair. However, I found that alternating between using the Guide Process node and the Guide Groom node provided better control over the guides.

To achieve a realistic hair appearance, I incorporate the Hair Generate node. Currently, I've only added hair clump and fizz in this node. Since I'm still fine-tuning the guides, keeping it simple makes adjustments easier.

Update 5 05/12/2024

Tried a test render in Houdini using the Redshift renderer. Still need to added the guides for the hair ban.