Week 6

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5/1/20242 min read

Update 1 04/30/2024

Finished the skin weight painting, and I created the controls for easy posing and keying frames.

Update 2 05/01/2024

An important note for creating controls is to ensure that you freeze transformations before binding them to the joints. Additionally, there are multiple methods available for establishing the connection between the controls and joints, depending on the desired functionality you want to achieve.

I've also added custom attributes on certain controls to manipulate specific joints, like toe rotation, head rotation, and spine bending direction. I ensured that the axis directions between the controls and joints are aligned in Connection Editor, preventing any issues where rotating them might cause unintended movements.

Add the custom attributes

Check which axis the portion rotates on.

Created custom spineXYZ attribute on BodyCtrol, and connected the rotationXYZ of spine1.

Finally, parent all the others control to the BodyControl to let the follow the movement of BodyControl.

Next step is to key a blocking animation for the girl into the lying down pose. And then working on the dress using Marvelous Designer.

Now, all the controls and skin weights are fully functional.

Update3 05/03/2024

Asian girl lying on the floor enjoying fan breeze with her legs fluttering

Recently, I've been focused on keyframing the leg sway animation and then I sent it to the Renderfarm to generate a version with textures.

with Texture and light

Update4 05/05/2024

For the Class 15 presentation, we're expected to showcase our breakdowns. My progress on the environmental aspect is a bit behind, so I've been focusing on enhancing the detail of the geometries and refining the UV mapping.