Week 5

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4/23/20242 min read

Update 1 04/22/2024

Refining the camera shots based on the Professor's suggestions and searching for background music that conveys a summer vibe. I discovered a track created with summer emotions as its inspiration. It's available for use without any issues, whether for non-revenue or revenue-generating purposes.

Update 2 04/23/2024

Troubleshoot the Renderfarm issue. Initially, numerous frames failed to render in the renderfarm. The TD and I suspect it's due to a RAM issue. I initially increased the iteration of the displacement setting to 6, matching the subdivision level of the Zbrush sculpture. While this could be rendered locally, the renderfarm's limitations on core and RAM prevented it. Consequently, I reduced the value from 6 to 3, resolving the problem. Following that, I rendered full-frame Character, Lighting, and Wireframe turntables.

Update 3 04/26/2024

The main goal of this week is setting up the rig of my character.

I used a code to orient the joints to make sure their facing the same direction.

Enable Projected Centering is easier to add the joints to the fingers.

mirror joints

make sure the naming of the joints are correct, then create the IK and bind Skin

Due to the slightly higher poly count of my mesh, there are increased vertices and finer details. Weight painting on such a high-poly mesh demands more complexity and time, necessitating meticulous attention to detail to achieve smooth deformations. Considering the final pose of my character, additional time is required to address the deformations around the neck area.

Update 4 04/27-29/2024

Continue working on painting the skin weights. For the legs, a more efficient approach to ensure that the skin weights of each leg don't affect each other is by using the component edit and setting the weight of the other leg to 0. This method speeds up the process.

I used this tutorial (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=co5fsx4GWLU&list=LL&index=2&t=281s&ab_channel=DIGAHub) as reference to check if my skin weight is correct or not.