Week 2

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4/2/20242 min read

Update 1 04/01/2024

Update 2 04/02/2024

I using Zsphere to start the hands of the character. I googled the hand references and add the reference in Zbrush(under Draw palette tab) so that I can make sure the size and the thickness is near to the real hand.

Since my character is barefoot, I need to sculpt the foot details for her. I employed the same workflow as I did for the hands to create the feet.

Update 3 04/03/2024

I reached out to Professor Baker, who is the primary instructor for ZBrush at SCAD, to provide feedback and edit my current character.

Update 4 04/06/2024

Over the weekend, I began working on the environment and camera blocking for my scene. In doing so, I delved into researching the typical layout of a Japanese house, particularly focusing on the dimensions of a tatami floor. Recognizing that Japanese traditional architecture often employs tatami measurements for space arrangement, I sought accuracy in depicting my scene. To ensure precision, I consulted the Tatami mat Layout guide available at: https://www.tatami-mat.net/e-tatami-layout.html

Update 5 04/07/2024

As the character takes shape, I've begun the process of projecting details onto another sculpture, starting from the low-resolution to the high-resolution version. This approach affords me the flexibility to revise and add content as needed.