Character Effects Cloth Pipeline

Responsible for All Aspects

Year: 2022


Texturing in Sunstance Painter & Photoshop

Grooming & Cloth Sim in Houdini

Character Animation from Mixamo

I textured the cloth in Substance Painter, referencing the pattern on the T-shirt, which I recreated in Photoshop. To facilitate the simulation, I created two versions of the clothing: a high-poly model for detailed simulations and a low-poly version optimized for faster and more efficient computational processing.

I came across pictures of the footballer Paulo Dybala. Since it's my first attempt at grooming human hair, the professor suggested starting with short hair. Paulo Dybala's hairstyle offers varying lengths, allowing me to experiment with different values in the Houdini grooming system and become more familiar with it.

The image on the right is the final result from Houdini.