Delta TechOps X ScadPro Mobile Gameplay

Responsible for 3D assets modeling and texturing, Stickers, Decals

Year: 2021

Modeling in Maya

Texturing in Substance Painter, Photoshop


Our goal is to research and develop concepts for an entertaining mobile game to support training and continuing education for Delta TechOps.

Project Overview and Purpose

*Portion of the Delta TechOps Mobile Gameplay.

Assets are the details and visuals that immerse the player into the video game environment. Our team worked on multiple assets from gateways to airplanes all based on real objects and vehicles found on a Delta tarmac. Using different software, the asset team worked on modeling 3D objects, texturing, and creating “stickers” for populating the tarmac environment. Various assets were needed for the video game such as tarmac vehicles, foreign objects, and a character model.

Asset Development