Responsible for Environment modeling, texturing, and layout/ storyboarding/ Character Design

Senior Project Year: 2018

Modeling in Maya

Texturing in Photoshop

Render in Maya Redshift


Tzu-Chia Su

Hsin-Ping Chou

Wan-Yu Lin

Pei-Yun Hsieh


2018 Vision Get Wild in Taiwan: 3D Animation Creative Group "Company"

2018 National Animation Contest For Vocational Education: "Company"

Film Introduction

This story centers on photographs. We feel that the photographs are a visualization of precious memories and this led to a photo studio being chosen as the setting. In the story, the old man and the little girl have very different ages, but it only makes their relationship even more special rather than pulling them apart. ​What we want to talk about is not your usual relationships, but a special bond akin to that of family. ​Sometimes, such bonds are stronger than family because friendships are like choosing your own family. A bond unrelated by blood makes the relationship even more precious.